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Dane Cook Hey, I'm back! Whudimiss?
2:43 PM Jun 11th
Dane Cook I'm about to go have sex. See ya when I'm done "stormin' the castle" if ya know what I saying.
2:43 PM Jun 11th
Kevin Pollak RT @momlovesfilm: Interesting chat with Peter Farrelly on @kevinpollak Chat. Shout out for Providence! #LarryKingGame
2:33 PM Jun 11th
Dane Cook RT @HomeDepot: We haven’t truly lived until @DaneCook sends us #tweetfromtheseat that he installed himself.
2:33 PM Jun 11th
Jim Gaffigan Buy Jim Gaffigan's Book For Father's Day Or His Kids Will Starve (VIDEO) via @HuffPostComedy
2:33 PM Jun 11th
Paul F. Tompkins RT @reasereaser: I am one of those tragic people who cares deeply about my birthday. So embarassing.
2:33 PM Jun 11th
Kathy Griffin RT @HRCHollywoodFL: The one & only #KATHY is coming LIVE to @Hard_Rock_Live July 11!
2:20 PM Jun 11th
Kathy Griffin Am I nude in mine? RT @MetrosourceMag: Who's ur fave @MetrosourceMag cover star? @_juliannemoore #KATHY @RuPaul
2:18 PM Jun 11th
Mindy Kaling THIS IS THE END will be the BEGINNING of your summertime movie fun! Opens tonight. You gotta see it! #thisistheend
2:02 PM Jun 11th
Aziz Ansari NYC: Also lottery thing worked. I felt bad that only people who clicked in 2 seconds were getting tickets. Will do more here & other cit
1:44 PM Jun 11th
Kathy Griffin Milwaukee Sept 13 mutha-f ers! RT @kkmizzaquafina: Pre-sale tix 4 my girl #KATHY at the Riverside Theater start 2morrow at NOON
1:44 PM Jun 11th
Aziz Ansari NYC: Re: email confirmations. They have gone out. A second batch will go out at 5pm if people haven't confirmed. Thanks everyone!
1:42 PM Jun 11th
Dane Cook Behind the scenes working with a very talented team on our film, Disney Planes.
1:36 PM Jun 11th
Jay Mohr Mark Sanchez saying he "Welcomes the competition" is proof that he is a loser. NO ONE, should EVER welcome competition. Eliminate it!
1:31 PM Jun 11th
Jay Mohr HUGE props to @stephenasmith for his take on Chad Johnson. Bravo, my man. Bravo.
1:29 PM Jun 11th
hodgman Photo: Comedian, actor, writer, WS500 man. Because Eugene Mirman knows that the best bath tissue in the...
1:22 PM Jun 11th
Jamie Kennedy There a few legends in this photo... Can you pick them out?
1:12 PM Jun 11th
Dane Cook NEW Lonely Island GO KINDERGARTEN vid makes you wanna get up and have air sex.
1:10 PM Jun 11th

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