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Dave Winer ☮ 1. I got a NY Times Digital Subscription. 2. My life hasn't changed.
2:42 PM Jun 11th
Kara Swisher Interesting but Google's been doing this for years: DARPA-Like IARPA Helps NSA Predict the Future Using Big Data:
2:36 PM Jun 11th
Chris Pirillo Can we get THIS type of mail sent to our email, as well?
2:31 PM Jun 11th
Mashable Zuckerberg Offers Another PRISM Denial
2:31 PM Jun 11th
Bill Gates An Afghan father explains the promise of #vaccines: “All I want is for our children to be healthy & happy” Watch:
2:25 PM Jun 11th
Mashable See How Siri Works in iOS 7
2:25 PM Jun 11th
Dave Winer ☮ Kevin Drum: So Far, We Haven't Learned Much From the NSA Leaks.
2:22 PM Jun 11th
Chris Pirillo Come to my "gathering" in London this Saturday (with geeks, YouTubers, twitterati, et al):
2:20 PM Jun 11th
Jimmy Wales Cute: Facebook’s new privacy options.
2:16 PM Jun 11th
Mashable 4 Reasons Google Bought Waze
2:15 PM Jun 11th
Robert Scoble I am buying Xbox 1 over Playstation. Why? The Kinect sensor. I want to see the future and that is more interesting than playing older games.
2:09 PM Jun 11th
Mashable Stunna Shades With LED Lights Groove to the Music
1:59 PM Jun 11th
Chris Pirillo Apparently, not everybody in London uses Facebook for events, so... it'll be nearer to Hyde Park corner.
1:56 PM Jun 11th
Jeff Jarvis RT @FreedomofPress: Photo: Laura Poitras, @ggreenwald, and @ewenmacaskill find a moment to relax after a long week of amazing reporting. ht�
1:55 PM Jun 11th
Chris Pirillo Come to my "gathering" in London this Saturday (with other content creators, geeks, YouTubers, twitterati, etc.):
1:51 PM Jun 11th
Mashable Reddit, Mozilla Join Coalition Demanding End to NSA Snooping
1:49 PM Jun 11th
Jeff Jarvis Lessons for news media from Waze:
1:41 PM Jun 11th
Mashable RT @Discovery_News: The Wheel Has Been Reinvented As A Cube
1:37 PM Jun 11th
Mashable Has Technology Killed Cursive Handwriting?
1:34 PM Jun 11th
Michael Arrington RT @KimZetter: My colleague @dmkravets got a nice shoutout from @arrington for his great and edifying reporting on FISA over the yrs http:/�
1:33 PM Jun 11th

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